Airliners can be retrofitted for private usage. Many aviation manufacturers offer complete customization of their flagship aircraft, giving you all the amenities of airliner travel with the privacy of a business jet.


The Boeing Business Jet 787 Dreamliner sets the bar for private aviation. Offering private bedrooms to rest, offices to get some work finished, and dining rooms to share meals, the BBJ787 is a home in the sky.

138 ft cabin length      9,485 nautical mile range

561 mph cruise speed     

  • 138 ft cabin length
  • 9,485 Nautical Mile Range
  • 561 mph Cruise Speed
  • Over 2,400 sq feet of cabin usage
  • 25 passengers (common configuration)

Airbus ACJ320

The Airbus ACJ320 offers the largest cabin volume of any business jet in its class. While the cabin offers unmatched luxury appeal, the ACJ320 has the ability to carry its passengers anywhere in the world thanks to its superb long range ability.

544 mph cruise speed                          4,800 nautical mile range

1,300 cu ft baggage capacity

  • 544 Mph Cruise speed
  • 4,800 NM range
  • 1,300 cu ft baggage capacity
  • 44 passenger maximum (most configurations are 10-18 passengers)
  • 2,400 ft landing distance

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