Heavy jet aircraft offer high-end advantages for passengers that are seemingly unmatched. Unbeatable range, endurance and speeds set them apart, having the ability to reach any destination around the world and bringing the entire family along!

Challenger 650

4,000 nautical mile range      115 cu ft baggage capacity 652 mph cruise speed
  • 4,000 nautical mile range
  • 115 cu ft baggage capacity
  • 652 mph cruise speed
  • Maximum passenger capacity of 12
  • Max operating altitude of 41,000 feet

The Challenger 650 is one of the most popular transcontinental aircraft in the world. Thanks to its never-ending endurance, and world class amenities, the Challenger 650 can take you anywhere and everywhere.

Gulfstream G500

690 mph cruise speed                  13 passenger capacity

5,300 nautical mile range                             

  • 690 Mph Cruise speed
  • 13 passenger capacity
  • 5,300 NM range
  • 175 cu ft baggage volume
  • 3 living areas

The Gulfstream G500 leaves nothing to the imagination. Offering top of the line style and amenities, the Gulfstream G500 can take you anywhere. The G500 delivers unrivaled speed and luxury, ready for any mission.

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