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Midsize jets offer more to passengers than light size jets, while maintaining the shorter runway abilities. From more head and leg room to additional baggage capacity, midsize jets give you more options.

Citation XLS

79.3 cu ft of baggage capacity      1,900 nautical mile range      495 mph cruise speed     

  • 79.3 cubic ft of baggage capacity 
  • 1,900 nautical mile range
  • 495 mph Cruise Speed
  • Up to 7 passengers
  • More than 4 hours of flight capability
  • Over 18 feet of cabin length

The Citation XLS exceeds the amenities of the smaller light jets, while also offering similar landing performances. Allowing you to get into smaller airports, any mission becomes available.

Learjet 60XR

8 passengers     2,400 nautical mile Range

615 mph cruise speed          48 cu ft baggage volume

  • 8 passengers
  • 2,400 Nautical Mile Range
  • 615 Mph Cruise Speed
  • 48 cubic feet baggage volume
  • 5.7 ft cabin height
  • Over 17 ft cabin length

The Lear 60XR offers it all. Possessing cruising speeds faster than any other jet in its class, the Lear 60XR exceeds its competition. The Lear 60XR improves on its predecessors in every aspect, including avionics and fuel efficiency. The Lear 60XR is fully capable of transcontinental flight and achieves this in style.

Gulfstream G280

613 Mph cruise speed            3,600 nautical mile range 25 ft plus cabin length           120 cu ft cabin volume 6 ft plus cabin height
  • 613 Mph Cruise speed
  • 3,600 NM range
  • 6 ft plus cabin height
  • 25 ft plus cabin length
  • 120 cubic ft cabin volume
  • Maximum of 10 passengers

Gulfstream is known for offering passengers exceptional performance and outstanding luxury. The G280 is no different. Offering short field performance and unmatched speed, the G280 can take you anywhere.

Challenger 300

9 passengers maximum     3,100 nautical mile Range 517 mph cruise speed          106 cu ft baggage volume
  • 9 passengers maximum
  • 3,100 Nautical Mile Range
  • 517 Mph Cruise Speed
  • 106 cubic feet baggage volume
  • Over 6 feet cabin height
  • Over 28 feet cabin length

The Challenger 300 offers elegance and functionality. Delivering long range ability and minimum runway length requirement, the Challenger 300 can get you anywhere without compromising luxury.