Events such as the Super Bowl draw an abnormally large number of private aircraft to multiple airports surrounding the given venue each year. To manage traffic flow and allow for safe operations, both on the ground and in the air, these airports require arrival and departure reservations. These are referred to as slots. As you may imagine, slots will be limited when you charter a jet to the 2024 Super Bowl.

For “peak events” it is more important than ever to work with an experienced team who is familiar with navigating these challenges to keep your trip safe and on time without last minute surprises. Corporate Aviation has been chartering aircraft to and from large scale events since 2019 and is staffed by a team of highly experienced aviation consultants.

How to Charter a Jet to the 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas

As you already know, the big game this year is being hosted in Las Vegas for the first time ever. Fortunately, the Las Vegas aviation community is no stranger to large events that attract wealth from all over the world. For starters, here are the 3 main airports Corporate Aviation clients will be flying into….

1. Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

This is the preferred airport of use as it is closest to all of the downtown action, offers a wide range of ground services such as numerous FBOs and hangar space. LAS also has an 8,988 foot runway which is able to accommodate almost any aircraft.

2. Henderson Executive Airport (HND)

Henderson airport is located roughly 20 minutes south of the strip. It has a smaller footprint which limits inbound traffic flow compared to LAS, but still has a large runway and will be ready for the big influx of traffic in February.

3. North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)

VGT is only 20 minutes north of the Las Vegas strip, but its 5,000 foot runway limits landing capabilities for larger aircraft.

Slot and Aircraft Availability:

If you are reading this past January 21st, there is a good chance that slots are sold out for Thursday to Monday of Super Bowl week. This does NOT mean it is impossible to still charter an aircraft to Las Vegas for the game. Reach out to Corporate Aviation today before slots are completely sold out!

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As for aircraft availability, our team has still been able to secure aircraft in the light, mid, super-mid, heavy, and ultra-long range size categories for the Super Bowl as of January 21st. We expect availability to diminish over the next couple of days as we get closer to knowing which teams will be in the big game on February 11th.

The best advice we can give to clients still searching for an aircraft is to be prepared to make quick decisions!

Contact us today to inquire about aircraft and slot availability to ensure you do not miss out on the biggest game of the year! Contact us: 203-674-9466 or

Charter a Jet to the 2024 Super Bowl

By: Tim Hall,

Corporate Aviation