There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the aircraft best suited for your next golf trip. Golfers often travel with a lot of equipment, including golf bags and additional luggage. Our team’s role is to provide you with an aircraft that has enough storage space to accommodate your gear without compromising on comfort. So, let’s talk about the best private aircraft charter for traveling golfers.

Turboprop planes present a versatile and cost-effective alternative to jet aircraft. They are known for having lower operating expenses and can fly from a wider range of airports that may not be accessible to jets. The Cessna Grand Caravan EX is one of the popular Turboprop planes available for charter. Its luggage compartment, which offers a generous 143 cubic feet of space, is situated beneath the cabin. This will easily accommodate the baggage of every passenger on board.

Those targeting a destination over 800 nautical miles should consider the following jet options:

  • Light jets are the most cost-efficient tier of jets and are ideal for a foursome traveling inside of 2,000 nautical miles. The jet from this class best suited for a golf trip is the Phenom 300E as it offers a premium cabin experience and unbeatable runway performance. The jet’s most notable feature is its ability to land and take off from smaller runways that are inaccessible by others in its size class. This makes it ideal for destinations with smaller airports like Bandon Dunes and Cabot Cliffs. With 84-cubic-feet of luggage capacity, there’s enough space to accommodate the luggage of a group of four golfers.
  • For larger groups or extended journeys, a Midsize jet may be a more suitable option. Midsize jets offer more cabin space than Light jets and cover a range of up to about 2,900 nautical miles. The Hawker 800XP is the most common in this category and will satisfy all of your requirements when traveling with groups of 6 golfers or less. Though most Midsize jets are listed as having an 8-passenger seating capacity, they will only comfortably seat 5 to 6 passengers. The Hawker 800XP is also a comfortable fit for foursomes prioritizing extra cabin space.
  • Super Midsize jets are the smallest size class with the ability to perform a coast-to-coast trip and have enough cabin space for two foursomes to travel together. This is the category where you will begin to find cabins with couches, upgraded entertainment and enclosed lavatories. Most notable in this class is The Challenger 300 known for its wide cabin, allowing passengers the freedom to stretch and walk around. With a range of about 3,400 miles, the jet is able to travel from the east coast to destinations like Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes without the need for a fuel stop.
  • At the top of the segment, you will find Heavy and Ultra-Long-Range jets. Those who are looking to cross the Atlantic to take aim at St. Andrews, this class of aircraft is for you. In this size category, passengers will fly with a flight attendant on board allowing them to make special requests to enhance their experience. The Gulfstream G-IVSP is a popular option with immense luggage space and swiveling berth able captain’s chairs that lie flat for a comfortable sleeping option. This jet provides exceptional cabin size and allows up to 10 golfers to travel together with speed, class, and comfort.

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Best Private Aircraft Charter For Traveling Golfers

Cody Carr

By Cody Carr, Air Charter Specialist 

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