Private jet travel increasing the efficiency of corporations is no secret. In a battle to attract individuals seeking this efficiency, the private aviation market has become increasingly crowded. With countless options vying for attention, navigating this complex landscape can be overwhelming. Allow us to simplify Corporate Aviation’s niche market position for you…

Corporate Aviation is specifically designed to provide private jet solutions to medium and large corporations who intend to fly anywhere from 25-500 hours per year and do not wish to own an asset. Every aspect of our company is designed to appease corporate boards, CEO’s, risk management departments, CFO’s, insurance regulators, and executive assistants. In the case you are an individual in search of a reputable jet provider, you can rest assured that you are working with a company whose practices and guidelines exceed regulation for some of the largest and most operationally strict companies in the world.

At Corporate Aviation, our flagship product is our Capped Rate program. Members receive the best-available price trip to trip offered by ad-hoc charter, with the pricing security and ease of use offered by jet cards. Under this program, members place funds on account, which are held separate from company operating funds and only used when called upon by the member. When an aircraft is needed, the member selects an aircraft size category, and the price of the requested trip is capped at a maximum hourly rate.

Corporate Aviation is grounded in transparency and seamless operations. For this purpose, there is one simple hourly rate. No fuel surcharges or complex interchange formulas. Furthermore, the maximum hourly rate is calculated as an average of industry fixed hourly rates to guarantee your corporation will receive the best of pricing, transparency, safety, and ease of use all in one simple solution. Best of all, members can cancel for a full refund of their remaining balance at any time with zero penalty.

Ease of use – Simply request an aircraft and receive and itinerary with no transfer of funds, schedule concessions, or negotiating.

Safety – Corporate Aviation utilizes only Argus or Wyvern safety rated aircraft flown by the most experienced crews in the industry. Contact our Director of Safety and Compliance today to learn more.

Flexibility – You are not locked into a specific aircraft or size category. Use the plane you need, 365 days out of the year, when you need it, and only pay for the time your team occupies the aircraft.

Compliance – Our experienced team will work with your corporation to ensure the correct insurance provisions and documents for each mission, supply user-friendly MSA’s, and assist your accounting team in tracking spend and constructing quarterly budgets.

Not ready to enter a membership program? Corporate Aviation is also ready to assist corporations and individuals with ad-hoc charter requests until you get to know us better. Our team of experienced aviation professionals are available to assist 24/7/365.

We look forward to welcoming your team on board!

Ryan Hall, President Corporate Aviation

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