Chartering a private jet is a luxury that offers convenience, privacy, and comfort. Whether it’s for business travel or leisure, the decision of which jet to charter should not be solely based on price. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, and that is no different when selecting your aircraft.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Corporate Aviation is not going to present you with an aircraft proposal that is unsafe. That said, your peace of mind is something that you choose to be in control of.  The choice is yours to select an older aircraft (1995 – 2001), or a newer plane manufactured anywhere from 2010-2019. As you may have guessed, chartering a newer aircraft to ensure enhanced peace of mind for nervous flyers comes with a higher price tag.

Aircraft Quality

When you receive a quote from Corporate Aviation, your representative will provide you with the year in which the interior was refurbished. Like the age of the aircraft, the quality of the interior will have a direct correlation with your satisfaction. Our guidance will indicate that a satisfactory interior has been refurbished in the past 3 years.

An A quality interior has likely been refurbished in the past 18 months. Always make sure your aircraft is equipped with Wi-Fi, this is not a given!

Staying on Schedule

Today’s charter market is being pushed to capacity day in and day out. This means planes are flying 2 or 3 missions per day in effort to maximize revenue, inevitably causing delays due to late passengers and other factors. For some flyers, the off chance of a 1- or 2-hour delay is a fair trade off for 10% cost savings. Mostly for our corporate clientele, a 15-minute delay is unacceptable.

Your Corporate Aviation Charter Executive will walk you through aircraft proposals for planes flying multiple legs per day, as well as aircraft that are coming out of the hangar specifically for you. Choosing the most budget-friendly aircraft, particularly for our corporate clientele, may not be the best strategy to effectively mitigate the risk of schedule delays.

Most importantly, work with your Corporate Aviation Charter Executive to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding your needs. Your priorities are important, whether they be overall quality and peace of mind or pricing. Your charter executive is a consultant who works for you and is only happy when your expectations are exceeded. Take advantage of our expertise and enjoy the ride!

Importance Of Quality Over Price When Chartering a Private Jet

By: Cody Carr
Corporate Aviation

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