For corporations and individuals focused on ease of use, Jet Cards are a great solution, but this simplicity is FAR from free. For those looking to make the most of their investment in private travel while maintaining ease of use, this information is for you. There are pitfalls of jet cards and a smart alternative.

Jet Cards offer convenience but come with limitations in flexibility such as upfront costs that cannot be recouped if needs change. Jet Cards are not ideal for individuals or companies who require different size aircraft for different trips throughout the year or those seeking cost-efficiency beyond set terms when the market allows for savings.

Corporate Aviation took a hard look at the downfalls of the traditional Jet Card model and sculpted a program that keeps the good and ditches the bad.

The Corporate Aviation Capped Rapped Program stands out as a superior alternative to traditional Jet Cards. Unlike conventional Jet Cards that often come with complex fee structures and hidden costs, our program provides transparency and ultimate flexibility for frequent private jet flyers.

How It Works…

Deposit funds into your account with Corporate Aviation. When you are ready to fly, your dedicated Aviation Consultant will provide you with quotes to choose from for your requested itinerary. Your pricing is not determined by an hourly rate. It is determined by the market BUT your price will never exceed the ‘Capped hourly rate’ that is pre-determined for each aircraft size category.

Since the predetermined rates are directly in line with what our competitors charge on Jet Cards, this is a guarantee to beat market jet card rates every time you fly, while maintaining the security of your price being capped. Simply use your funds until they are depleted or cancel at any time for a full refund of your remaining balance without penalty!

Comparison Chart

One Step Booking

Upon confirmation, you will receive an itinerary and your plane will be waiting for you.

Security Against Rising Rates

Similar to a Jet Card, you will never pay over your ‘Capped Hourly Rate’.

Aircraft: 24/7/365:

Aircraft are available 24/7/365 with as little as 4 hours notice.

Fully Refundable:

Unlike Jet Card Programs, you can cancel your contract for any reason and receive a refund of your full remaining balance with zero penalty.

Interchange Fees:

Not being restricted to a certain aircraft size category means no interchange fees. Simply select the best aircraft for your mission.

Fuel Surcharges:

Corporate Aviation does not charge any fuel surcharges.

Access to discounted prices:

Unlike Jet Card Programs, this program allows you to take advantage of empty leg pricing, or ‘popular routing’ discounts.

Ability to choose aircraft:

Alongside your dedicated Aviation Consultant, you hand-choose the aircraft that is best for you for the given mission.

In summary, while Jet Cards offer convenience, exploring alternative options may better suit those seeking maximum value from private travel investment and demand more in return for frequent flying than what traditional charter has to offer.

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Pitfalls of Jet Cards and a Smart Alternative